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It works for a while, then they see a message after the video’s ads play saying, “YouTube: Something went wrong. Tap to retry.” This issue has been prompting YouTube iPad users to “Tap to retry” for years. YouTube Video -- "Something went wrong" #1029. Closed drh1716 opened this issue Jun 22, 2014 · 16 comments Closed YouTube Video -- "Something went wrong" #1029. Youtube Studio Analytics [Bug] - "something went wrong" Bug. EDIT - Now resolved Fixed itself Youtube just deleted the playlist without a warning.

Youtube something went wrong

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List of Partners (vendors). Accept Cookies Cookie Settings. Oooops, something went wrong. Prenumerera på på Youtube!

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In the Classic mode, click on the Video Manager on the left, then click on Edit in the problematic video(s), go to Advanced Settings and remove the Game Title under Category. YouTube videos won’t play on iPad! For the past two weeks my kids have had trouble watching YouTube videos on their iPads.

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No matter what video I click on, it loads for about 3 seconds then I get a "something went wrong" message. This happens on every single video, and if an ad will play, it removes the ad and puts the message up anyway. 2021-04-05 · YouTube won’t be supporting its app on the third-generation Apple TV The Apple TV app is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Apple releases tvOS 13.4.8 for Apple TV Breaking: Youtube Crashes, shows 'Something Went Wrong' with Monkey on screen Video sharing platform and google owned product 'Youtube' crashes on Monday, December 14.

Youtube something went wrong

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Youtube something went wrong

Postat i Spotify, Youtube 2012-08-26 Something went wrong may be down.

If you’re one of them… I had a problem with my YouTube Live Streaming page - every time I loaded it, it came up with "Something went wrong".
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YouTube says that it's something it's aware of and a fix is being worked on. A number of users are reporting that they are seeing an error message when they try to watch videos via the YouTube app on Apple TV. However, YouTube may not always work perfectly, leaving you unable to watch videos.